UNILAG Hostel Fees for Freshers

As already indicated in the title above, this page is all about UNILAG Hostel Fees for Freshers.

We have been inundated with phone calls from newly admitted students who have been asking “how much is UNILAG Hostel Fees for Freshers?”

It is against this background that we deemed it necessary to create this page so as to provide you with all you need to know about UNILAG Hostel Fees.


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  • About UNILAG Hostel
  • How Much is UNILAG Hostel Fees for Freshers
  • How Many Hostels are in UNILAG?
  • Private Hostels in UNILAG
  • UNILAG Hostel Balloting 2019/2020
    • UNILAG Hostel Balloting Portal
  • UNILAG School Fees

About UNILAG Hostel

UNILAG Hostels are not sufficient to accommodate all the students.

The hostels are situated within the campus, and comprises of both male and female hostels.

Male hostels in UNILAG includes King Jaja Hall, Biobaku Hall, Elkanemi Hall, Shodehinde Hall, Eni Njoku Hall, Mariere Hall, etc.

Meanwhile, female hostels in UNILAG include Queen Amina Hall, Kofoworola Hall, Fagunwa Hall, Makama Hall, Honor Hall, Moremi Hall, etc.

Most of the hostels in UNILAG are four-man rooms. That means there are four students in a room. Also, there are six man room and two man room.

There are also hostels for scholars – first class students with a minimum of 4.5 CGPA.

Facilities in UNILAG Hostels

UNILAG Hostels have basic facilities that makes it habitable and relatively conducive for learning.

Please don’t misconstrue me here: that the hostels have some facilities does not mean they are furnished. Get it right.

One of the facilities in the hostels is a common room where students can host their visitors.

The Common Room has TV, Fan and chairs.

In addition to the common room, there is a reading room. The facilities in the reading room is just fan and chair. So, there are no books in the reading room.

Generally, there is a kitchen in all the hostels.

However, students hardly make use of it because of the distance and none availability of utensils.

In most cases, students prefer to cook in their room.

Please note that the use of Kerosine stove or gas cooker is not allowed in the hostels. Only electric stove is acceptable.

How Much is UNILAG Hostel Fees for Freshers

Below is the breakdown of UNILAG Hostel Fees for freshers:

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